Monday, January 30, 2012

To do-be-do or not to do-be-do?

I watched the most fascinating movie the other day called The Quantum Activist. It is an amazing quantum physics primer for anyone who is interested. It is a biographical documentary so it can be slow at times, but, it is well worth it.

It got me thinking about a great many things. Most important, if our lives are to be aligned, there must be a balance of doing and being. Too much of either is a problem. We need both to achieve our destinies.

Most of us get caught up in doing. Running from one task to another without ever taking time to rest, or be with ourselves. Too much doing causes us to disconnect form source. It separates us from the Universe, from nature, and from our fellow human beings. In a constant state of doing we are alone at the centre of a superficial world. Our lives can never bring us much satisfaction.

Some of us overemphasize the being part. They avoid participating in life. They stand by the sidelines, dreaming grand dreams. They believe that the Universe will manifest everything they want without any effort on their part. This is seldom the case. We are in physical incarnation. We need to do things  in the physical world,that are alignment with the Universe, in order to manifest.

In The Quantum Activist, Dr. Amnit Goswami proposes the perfect solution. Balance being and doing by alternating amounts of each. Honour your choice to be here, in the physical, while strengthening your connection to the greater whole.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Is it time to make a change?

Last week I blogged about Osa, the energy of sudden positive change, expressed in nature by the force of the wind. In this post I would like to discuss another way in which we can align with this very powerful energy.

Sometimes we need to hold on and deal with the changes that come our way. At others we need to be proactive. We need to start shifts so that we can improve our lives.

Have you ever felt like you just knew you needed to make a change? The process often starts as a feeling that things aren’t quite right. That feeling is there to show you which areas in your life that are not working as well as they could. Osa will often show up at these very important moments to remind us that we can't to sit around waiting for change to happen. We must create change where it is needed.

If you realize that you need to shift something in your life, then the Universe expects you to start moving. Even the tiniest movement will allow the Universe to support you. It has the ability to turn the smallest steps forward into quantum leaps. But, it is still up to you to take those first steps. Another powerful, and equally important way that we can start to work with change energy, is to bravely move forward. Accept the assistance that the Universe provides. Change energy is wind energy. Wouldn’t you rather have the wind at your back, pushing you forward?

The Universe is benevolent. It is always there to support us. But, we are expected to be empowered and to act on our own behalf. When you realize that a fundamental change is needed in your life, move on it. Watch how the Universe helps you to move forward, perhaps more easily and quickly that you thought possible.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Is all change positive?

There are times in our lives when unexpected changes bring us joyful transition. Sometimes they feel more like a hurricane that shatters our lives. In Ifa, the energy of sudden change is known as Osa. Osa is always positive if we see it from a long-term view.

Regardless of how difficult change is, it is always there to bring you to the next, best, place for you to be. When unexpected shifts come our way it’s best to see them as opportunities. When we get perspective we can start to understand that change, as difficult as it may be, carries hidden potential.

For many people the loss of a job is the hardest unexpected change to face. Layoffs are a sad part of our lives. Short sighted companies believe that people are easily replaced. Job loss can happen at any level. Often for no apparent reason. It threatens the security of the person and their whole family and often leads to panic. Short-term thinking at this critical time can lead to disaster.

If you face this situation a little bit of savings to tide you over is ideal. If do not have them, then view your short-term plan to get food on the table as a band aid. Start to create a longer-term vision. Use this opportunity to make changes in your life that will bring you more happiness, growth an security. This can apply to any kind of change that you may be struggling with.

Welcome the winds of change. Work through the crisis. Let the change lead you to the brighter future that the Universe intended for you when it initiated the change.

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Are we heading for the end of the world?

Happy New Year. For many people, 2011 brought some rewards but many serious challenges. Hopefully we’ve all been able to put the year behind us and are ready to move into 2012. This year promises to be healthier and happier. If you’re interested in the details please take a look and the 2012 Reading from the Ifa Foundation. For those of you who are interested in strengthening your alignment with the year’s energy take a look at the 2012 offerings.

Most of you are aware that a significant event takes place before the end of this year. The Mayan calendar is gong to conclude a long-count cycle on December 21st. To some this represents the end of the world. Not so to the Mayans, nor to me.

Many of us view the end of cycles with fear. I’ve always felt that we can look at transitions as an opportunity to start fresh. The Maya did not see the end of their calendar as the end of the world, but, perhaps, as the start of something new. A new world that will develop, over time, as it matures.

The world we live in will fundamentally change within the next couple of generations. It can no longer function as it is. We are living through the birth pains of a new order. There will be some chaos during the transition. Through chaos new ideas are born and new orders arise.

Every person alive today has the potential to affect the direction that this world is going to take. We must embrace this cycle of change so that we can create a new, better place for all of us. Our fear will only create more chaos and plant the seeds for another fear-based world. The chaos brings opportunity with it. We can all have a hand in designing our new world.

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