Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Solstice: The Power of Sango

Sango, the energy of Strategy, fire, expressed in nature by the power of the sun. As summer gets under way in the northern hemisphere I thought it would be the perfect time to reflect on this powerful Orisa.

The summer solstice, June 21st, is the longest day of our year. The warmth of the sun is all around us. We witnessed its power in the Spring as flowers blossomed, and trees budded, and turned green. At the solstice this life-giving force reaches its most powerful position.

The fiery drive of Sango is reflected in the power of the sun. Like the sun this energy can warm and sustain, or, it can destroy. The sun’s energy produces life. It helps our bodies to manufacturer vitamin D, which is so critical to our overall health. The sun can also be a killer. Over-exposure can lead to deadly skin cancers. It’s all about balance.

Sango is the energy of strategy. It is also associated with the lessons which build good character. It is only through the expression of our good character that our strategies can come to fruition. Correct strategy, executed with good character, builds true success into our lives. Much like the force of the sun, the way in which we use the energy of this powerful Orisa will determine our results.

When we are strategic we must consider our long-term good. We want the Sango energy to work like the gentle force of the life-giving sun. When we fall out of balance, we may use the energy to create immediate results, with little regard for the future. We fail to consider the well-being of the larger whole. At that point the Sango energy becomes like the scorching desert sun. It  destroys life with its unrelenting glare. Apply your good character to the Sango energy and use it to fuel your life.

Have you ever been burned by short-sighted, but strategic, thinking? I’d love to hear your story.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Success: Get Your Vlaues Flowing

In this installment of the Success series we’ll get the values list you created flowing so that all of your values can support each other. The break in the flow is called a values conflict. By clearing these conflicts the flow is re-established and life can move more fluidly

We’re going to start at the top of your list and work our way down dealing with each pair of values that has a conflict. Review the instructions first so that you’ll have a good grasp of the steps. It’ll make the process a lot easier.

Choose two values to work on.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
Put your hands palms up on each knee.
Get in touch with the uppermost value.
What do you call it, what does it look like, how does it feel, does it make a sound?
Ask the value to stand on one of your hands.
Get in touch with the second value.
What do you call it, what does it look like, how does it feel, does it make a sound?
Ask the second value to stand on your other hand.
Ask the second value to relax and observe while you ask the first value some questions.
Ask the first value its highest intention for you.
Keep asking until you get to a very big universal like love, joy, or even existence.
Ask the first value to observe while you ask the second value some questions.
Ask the second value its highest intention for you.
Keep asking until you get to a very big universal like love, joy, or even existence.
Repeat the process until they reach the same purpose.
Ask them to notice that they have the same highest intention.
Ask them to consider that they were once part of greater whole.
Suggest that the purpose of the greater whole was to ensure that they reach their common goal.
As a unified whole they could accomplish their highest purpose more effectively.
Allow your hands to come together as you process this.
Give the values enough time to integrate.
When your hands come together open your eyes, and then your hands.
Notice a “super part” that has formed between you hands.
Notice all of its qualities.
Bring your open hands to your heart and absorb this new “super part” into you.
If you have any questions send me your comments.

How do you feel now that your values are flowing naturally? Has it provided clarity? I’d love to hear from you.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Truths to Live By: Balance, Growth and Wisdom Provide Empowerment.

In Ifa balance, growth and wisdom provide your empowerment. Each of these values comes out of, and supports the other sixteen. I’ll cover them over several posts.

Balance is having each area of your life functioning in harmony.  It is about fulfilling ourselves by embracing all of life. Ifa readings can can help us find and maintain it.

We need to have both our everyday and emotional/spiritual lives working. This means dealing effectively with practical matters. Once our material needs are met we can then work to enrich our lives with positive emotional experiences and spiritual growth. Loosing sight of either of these areas leads to disastrous consequences for the individual, and society.

The six areas of life flow from the format of an Ifa Current Reading.  I have arranged them in order of significance.

Destiny is first. It is the primary reason that we are here. Fulfilling our destiny is the goal of life.. Neglecting destiny leaves us feeling purposeless and lost. Fulfilling it is a great challenge in a culture that doesn’t recognize its importance.

Second is Health. Health includes being fit physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Be the strongest, and most vibrant, person you can.

Third is Success. Material success is important and desirable, but, it is not the point of life. It is balanced on the emotional/spiritual level with fulfillment, and joy. This definition of success allows us to value more than the material.

Fourth is Relationships with people outside your family. This area is about anyone who is significant in your life. Both casual day to day, and  emotional/spiritual, relationships. It is about support, and partnership. It includes romantic connections. Imbalance in this area leaves you feeling isolated in challenging times.

Fifth is Family; blood relatives; and ancestors. It is about the journey that you are on together. You see a bigger picture that includes your ancestors, and your descendants. Building strong, supportive, relationships is equally important here. Focus on closeness with the people you live with, and deeper bonds that support you when needed.

The final subset is Victory. It is about how you handle the unexpected. It is having the resources you need to face the challenges that, inevitably, show up in your life.

All of these areas need attention. Sometimes life will make one more dominant. All should be working well. Focus your work on the ones that aren’t flowing.

Do you feel like you have good life balance? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Succes: Do Your Values Flow?

To get the best results in life, and have those results align with your destiny, it is important to have your values working together. In our third installment in the success series we’re going to start taking a closer look at your values.

Look over your Values Hierarchy. You may notice that many of your values came from your parents, or your culture. Some were adopted from your peers. Others are based on your life experience.

With all these different sources, values sometimes conflict. Let’s look at the flow of your values. Flow allows your values to work together and support your goals.

Your values flow in two directions. From top to bottom, where each “higher” value leads to the one below it. Then from bottom to top, where each “lower” value supports the one above it.

As you do this be as honest as possible. Go with your immediate reaction. You will probably find a significant number of values that don’t flow well. That’s fine. In my next post we’ll talk about how to correct the flow.

We’re going to look at your list from the top, down, first. Take a look at your first value. Does it create the second value on your list? Is the second value implied in the first value? Is there a natural flow from top to bottom?

For instance, let’s say that your top value is fulfillment, and your second value is safety. These values may relate in some way, but, they don’t flow naturally.

If you find a conflict mark it with an arrow on the right side of your page. Continue this process by looking at your second and third values. Move down the list until you have looked at everything.

We’ll move up the list next. Take a look at your bottom value. Does it support the value above it? Dose it provide a stable foundation from which you can reach the higher value? If you find an issue with the flow then mark it with an arrow on the left side of your page.

When you’re done you’ll probably be left with a page full of arrows. That’s totally normal. 

Have you discovered something you didn’t know about yourself while you did this exercise? I’d love to hear what it is.

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