Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Opportunity and Stress

There are times when creative energy runs powerfully. It can be overwhelming and stressful. Manage the inflow to benefit from the opportunity that hides just behind it.

Creation is a violent process. Think of the big bang, the explosion that started the universe rolling. Here on Earth, new land is created by volcanoes. When we evolve it can also be explosive. Shifts can be so strong that we get lost.  

Sometimes the energy brings a powerful awakening. It is about inspiration. This can also be tricky. You can get so caught up in a new dream that you loose touch with reality. It is the energy of extremism. 

In either case, calm down to bring yourself back into balance. Look at this powerful moment through a different lens. At the heart of the explosion is almost limitless potential. It’s Ok to wonder what you’re supposed to do with it all.

The first step is taking a unbiased look at what’s in front of you. There is no reason for you to act on every opportunity. In fact, you shouldn't.

From the perspective of the Universe creating, all opportunities are good, and all possibilities equal. At the highest spiritual level that is true. Here in our lives, not so much.

To truly benefit from this powerful time you need to partner with the creative process. Take a look at each opportunity that shows up. How beneficial will it be for you in the long term? If something doesn't look great, move on. More possibility will always come. If you find something awesome put it on your plate and get moving on it.

The size of your plate is important too. If you take on too much you probably won't succeed. Fill your plated with as much as you can handle. Don't over do it. That way you can get everything this energy is meant to bring you while staying strong and healthy.

Have you ever found opportunity hiding under intensity? I’d love to hear your story.

Connect with Brian

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

That Time of Year

It’s hard to believe that winter festival time is already here. This year has flown by.  It brought a lot of positive movement for many of us. 

As we shift in to high gear for the holiday season I’d like to remind you that it wasn’t always this way. For most of our history winter celebrations were more contemplative. People took time with close friends and family in a very intimate way. 

People also saw it as a time for quiet reflection and planning for the year to come. Rightly so. For most of us, at least in the Northern hemisphere, the days are short, the weather cold, dreary, even down right freezing. What do you want to do when this type of weather arrives? Find a warm cave and stay there! That’s exactly what the traditional winter festivals were about. 

Gather together in the warm, safe, indoors. Be more introspective. Think about how the last year has gone for you and those you love. Consider the things that you might have done better. 

Candles and lights are also an important part of this winter ritual. They remind us that Spring will come. The light will return. In fact, it already has. As soon as we cross past the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, the days start to get longer. These celebrations provide us with hope. The sun will indeed return.

However you celebrate this time of year, take a little time out of your hectic schedule to think, to contemplate, to simply be. Allow this powerful time of year to push you inward. Discover what might lie in store for you as the New Year begins. 

All the best of the season to you, and yours, and my wishes for a fabulous 2015.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Taking Care

Being nurturing can be extremely important at times. Make sure that you spend some of that supportive energy on you too.

Balanced nurturing seems to something that many of us struggle with. Some people only understand how to help others. They give too much, often at their own expense.Other people are good at caring for themselves but can be so self-concerned that they forget other people.

Both of these approaches are inherently flawed. In order for nurturing to be balanced it must include care for both self and others. 

Being a caring person does not mean being a doormat. The people who you have supported should be willing to support you when you need it. That help can come in any form. It represents the other person’s willingness to give back as best they can.

We all have times when we’re tired, ill, or just don’t have a lot of energy. That’s when we need to rest, relax,  and get better. If we don’t we will end up exhausted. If we do it too much it can have serious consequences.

On the flip side are the people who take care of themselves but loose track of other people. They can be self-serving, or simply hide to nurture themselves. They can find it hard to relate to other people. They can become isolated and depressed.

Understanding how and when to focus your caring is critical. There are times when we must give energy to the people in our lives who need us. At others we must withdraw to rest and recuperate. The best approach is to care for yourself and get strong. Then you will have the energy you need to care for the others. Balanced nurturing will make everyone in your life stronger, more capable, and more independent. 

Do you use your nurturing strength to empower yourself and others? I’d love to hear your story.

Connect with Brian

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

In the Flow

Sometimes you need to sit back and let things happen. It can be easier said than done. 

We all like to think that we’re in control. While it is important to work hard towards the things you’re meant to get done in life. Occasionally, moving yourself forward means taking your time making adjustments as life throws stuff at you.

Periods like that always look a little bit chaotic for me. Schedules get altered. Plans change. Appointments get cancelled. It can get frustrating if I let it.

The best way to handle those times is to get curious about the shifts as they happen. Laugh as much as possible. There’s no point trying to control things. Most of all, be flexible. 

Think of the flow of life like a current in a river. You’re likely to end up where it’s going regardless of what you try to do. If you relax, let the river take charge, you’ll end up where you’re supposed to be.

Trust that the Universe is taking care if you. The current is carrying you around challenges so that you can deal with what’s really important.

Getting into the flow is easy for some people. They can take things as they come, and let the Universe take care of them. For others, including me, it’s harder. Instead of getting curious when things get unpredictable, I get frustrated. Instead of finding joy on the journey I try to figure out what’s going on.

That approach makes life more challenging, and makes the shifts more erratic.  I’ve gotten much better at exploring happily when the current is too strong to resist. Sometimes, when I feel the river carrying me, I can let go before I push myself off course. Occasionally I can laugh at how silly I must seem trying to resist the full force of life pulling me forward.

Do you resist, or embrace, the currents when they seem to be working against you? I’d love to hear.

Connect with Brian

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Peeling the Onion

Have you ever felt like you could work on your stuff for ever? Are you holding onto things you’ve already resolved?

I was adopted at almost 11 months old. I was in foster homes, and hospitals, before that. It was a rough ride. When I got home I was so weak that I couldn’t lift my head. With my families’ love, and support, I thrived. 

That  trauma left me with baggage. My infant self learned lessons that aren’t relevant any more. But, it’s still difficult for me to feel safe sometimes.

I’ve dealt with the root experience, but not with the threads of “proof” that happened later. 

When I was in my teens I experienced physical bullying because of my sexuality. My cocky self assurance started to crumble. In my twenties I was with a man who was emotionally, and physically, abusive. I was showing myself just how unsafe the world could be. I learned my most powerful, self-limiting, strategy. I began to hide. 

I hid in plain sight. At work, I was the person the office needed me to be. As so many of us are. I would hide the deeper parts of myself to make my partner comfortable. I would avoid confrontation, even with close friends. I showed people what they wanted to see.

I project easy confidence when I want to sit at home and hide. 

I’ve pushed somewhat out of my comfort zone. But I’m not out there doing the work I’m meant to do.

I‘ve made progress. I’m more authentic with the people closest to me. I’m more open with my clients than I thought possible. But being me, shining bright, out there where everyone can see, that terrifies me.

About a year ago I started to feel restless. I knew if I stayed hidden I couldn’t accomplish what I’m here to do. It’s time to get out in the world.
Where do you hold back from letting us see the real you? I’d love to hear your story.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Time to Slow Down

Sometimes moving quickly isn’t helpful. Taking small steps can be the key to powerful forward movement.

When I decide to do something I usually charge ahead. My lack of patience creates a rush forward that isn’t always the best for me.  

I can always depend on life, or a reading, to let me know that my behaviour is creating a problem. That happened yesterday.  The message was loud and clear. Slow down and focus.

I’ve just started working with my coaches and I’m fired up. It feels like a starting line. As with a longer race, pacing myself at the beginning of this project is crucial.

I’m creating radical change in my business. It is important to have a clear vision of where I’m headed before I start moving. Everything inside me is telling me to get going. I need to stay calm until the perfect moment. Then I can pick up the pace and launch into success.

For now, being cautious, and methodical, is my best route to success. I need to slow down, breathe deep, and lay the foundation before I try to soar.

Plans change, ideas shift and grow. I’ll stay flexible. But, I need a solid plan in place before I get started.

My energy is limited. If I dash off too quickly I run the risk of burning out before I’m done. If I want long-tern success I need to keep my reserves in place for the hard work ahead. Change of this magnitude will  require emotional shifts as well as real-world effort. I don’t want to go in exhausted. 

So I’ll stay the course. Put one foot in front of the other until it’s time to push forward. Why not move with the energy of the Universe on my side?

Do you agree that there are times that quickly moving forward is not in your best interest? I’d love to hear why or why not.

Connect with Brian

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Shift, then, Trust

Even when you can see positive things coming, change can be challenging. Have you ever created lots of change at the same time? The shifts may be good, but they can bring on anxiety.

I’m having that experience right now. I’ve hired a coaching team to help me rethink my practice, and writing. We’ve only started the process, but, I can already feel the future tugging at me.

My husband and I have decided to explore spending more time in the California desert. Escaping some of our rainy winter will be amazing. I love the heat so summer might even be enjoyable. Spending more time away means restructuring my practice so that I can work remotely. 

As an Obatala I have a powerful need for a safe cave to retreat to. Frequent visits to hotels, and rented homes, are one of the challenges I see up ahead. I need to remember that the goal is eventually to have a home in the desert to retreat to.

We’re moving into the next phase of our lives. I have no way of knowing what our new life will look like. It will certainly be radically different. I’m really excited, but I’m also a bit anxious.

Major shifts disrupt my peace, and clarity.  I don’t always function well in the midst of change. That said, I do recognize how important it is to keep moving forward. I’ll embrace it all whole heartedly.

No matter how compelling the upcoming future is, it is full of unknowns. We can never see the future. We need to trust that the Universe brought us to this moment. It will make sure that we have what we need. 

To move though change gracefully there are a few things you need to do. Make decisions that align with your best, next, steps. Proactively deal with your resistance. Be sensitive to the signals that the Universe sends. Get readings to help clarify the big decisions. Most of all, enjoy the process as much as you can.
Have you struggled with changes that you know will greatly improve your life? I’d love to hear about it.

Connect with Brian

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Doing the Work

Reaching our goals requires inner, and outer, work. There is no magic wand that will bring you everything you want in life.

Many of us believe that we should be able to have whatever we want without making any effort. If we simply align ourselves, say the right prayer, or do the right spell, then poof. Everything we want will be delivered to us on a silver platter. 

The Universe is infinitely abundant, and infinitely diverse. We may experience many kinds of existence. Our lives here are only one example of many possibilities. We chose to have a physical existence. Earth is the perfect place for us to be in order to accomplish our destinies this time around.

You accepted your physical body. It came with a wonderful set of senses that bring you experience. You also accepted the rules of the physical Universe. The only way to manifest tangible results in the physical world is through physical action. 

Activity is not the only piece of the puzzle. You need to have every level of your being in alignment to manifest truly remarkable results. You must deal with all of the emotional baggage in your way. Your goals need to align with you purpose. Then you must take appropriate, and consistent, action. 

Spiritual, emotional, and mental, effort can support your physical goals but they will not deliver them. The rules of our reality are tough. Many of us find work in the “higher” realms easier.  But, if you want to live an extraordinary life you need to take action on every level. Trying to to leave part of the puzzle out will never give you what you’re looking for.

You must match your spiritual action with temporal effort in order to get tangible benefits. Otherwise  your results are a matter of luck.

Do you agree that positive thinking is only one piece of the achievement puzzle? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

Connect with Brian

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Too Safe?

If you stay inside your safe zone you risk stunting your growth. Pushing out with wisdom moves you forward powerfully, and safely.

Your comfort zone is there to support you. There are times when it is critical to your survival. We are programmed to see change as threatening, but without it we stay stuck. 

Pushing out can be scary. It can be unpleasant. But, avoiding the difficult parts of life doesn’t serve you. Too many people stay with what they know even if it isn’t working. Others believe that everything in life can be accomplished without effort. The Universe doesn’t work that way. 

We must be in partnership with the Universe to get results, and achieve our destinies. We chose to come here.  The limitations of our reality are part of the deal. Simply wishing for something with clear intention is useless. We have to take acton to make things happen.

Be clear about your goals. Work on any internal obstacles that you have to achieving them. You’ll push against your comfort zone as you start to do the work. Once everything is out of your way make the necessary effort.

As you work on your goal you’ll see just how powerful your comfort zone is. As it starts to weaken the parts of you that believe it keeps you safe will start to scream.

They are just like my mother’s voice from my last post. They’ll convince you that the effort isn’t worth it. They’ll try to tell you that you can’t achieve your goal. They’ll distract you.

These parts only want safety. That’s why you created them. Only you can choose to remove them. Acknowledge them. You used to need them. Thank them, and let them go.

How? Take action. Move intelligently. Slowly if you have to. But move. It is only your action that will show you, and those pesky voices, that you are safe. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. When new voices come up, listen to them, then let them go too. Eventually you’ll be in a new, better, life.

Do you agree that carefully pushing out of our comfort zones is necessary if we are to live fulfilled lives? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

Connect with Brian

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Your Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone is tricky. It can keep you safe, or hold you back. Working with it effectively can be harder that it sounds. 

The term originally described the ideal temperature for humans to exist in. I’m using it to describe the condition in which you feel most at ease. It can be physical, emotional, mental, or even spiritual. Knowing when, and how hard, to push against it is crucial to your growth.

For a number of reasons I had some pretty dramatic accidents when I was a child. My mother’s diligent efforts to protect me let me survive to adulthood. Her warning voice in my head still helps me to intuit danger in safe-seeming situations. But, sometimes it gets in the way. 

The first time I ever tried snowboarding was a challenge. I was at the top of a mountain for the first time. I was attached to my board with the wrong foot forward. My friends left me to figure things out while they did somer runs. 

I got up, and fell, again and again. After a particularly bad fall I heard my mom, loud and clear, “Be careful Brian, you’re going to hurt yourself.” I kept going until I was so tired, frustrated, and sore, that I started to walk down the hill. I ended up riding down the hill with the ski patrol. I’m lucky I didn’t seriously injure myself. 

I pushed out of my comfort zone too far, too fast, and with absolutely no wisdom. In my case challenging my inner need for caution is usually a good thing. But, doing it recklessly is never a good idea.

The story ends well. I eventually used my frustration to build determination. I took some snowboarding lessons. I conquered my fear by building skills. That was the wise course of action.

Next week we’ll explore the other side. When we allow fear, or complacency, to hold us in a comfort zone that isn’t good for us any more.

Do you agree that recklessly pushing out of your comfort zone could spell disaster? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

Connect with Brian

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What you need, versus, What you want

The Universe supplies us with everything we need to fulfill our destines. What we want may be another matter. Confusing the two is a common spiritual hurdle.

Many people start spiritual practice  in order to get something. This is the wrong approach. If you are more open then many unexpected benefits will come.

The Universe is a consciousness so vast that you cannot begin to comprehend it.  It will always know more than you do. It’s only goal is alignment. 

Beyond glimpses of the near future you can’t know what that alignment will look like. You have no idea what the long-term holds in store.

We have free will. If we listen, we’ll be guided to what’s best for us rather than floundering about. The more we tune in, the easier it becomes. 

You can ask the Universe for help. If your need is legitimate, and for your long-term good, it will be fulfilled. If you ask for something that isn’t in alignment you’re unlikely to get anything. It is best to ask for assistance and accept what shows up. 

I have been working with a client recently who is struggling financially. She, appropriately, wishes to petition Osun (the energy of success) for help. Let’s take a look at how she could do that.

The least effective approach would be very specific, asking for a lottery win for instance. That puts the Universe in a corner. If the windfall wouldn’t be good for her nothing will happen.

She could ask for a better job. That would be more likely to get results. It also requires her to be on the lookout for opportunities for promotion, or a new position with another organization.

Her best bet is to ask for her finances to improve. Allowing the Universe to provide her with long-term financial stability. She’ll need to be aware of the opportunities that show up, and be ready take action when they do. This allows the Universe many paths to help her. 

Do you agree that being open to what you really need is the best way to get results? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

Connect with Brian

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Less is More

When we push for too hard we can leave growth behind. Long term focus is the key to sustained success. our attachment to short-term gratification can be problematic, particularly when we are pursuing more significant goals. 

If you’re  driven, taking things at a slower pace can be a challenge. Many of us are taught that anything can be accomplished quickly if we focus and work hard enough. That is true for some things. For many of the most important goals in life, it is not. 

Fitness is a great example. We can be so determined that we push ourselves  beyond where we are ready to go. Our motivation fades, we exhaust ourselves, and often give up.  Part of the physical growth process is recovery. Without time to rest we can’t make gains. Pushing a little bit is the way to go. 

Be realistic about how far you can progress. If you have minimal experience it is best to proceed cautiously towards your goals. Physical fitness goals need to be long-term.

Spiritual development is similar. Whatever practice you are starting, focus on slow, steady growth. Many people start with a flash. They set up an elaborate altar. Start praying multiple times a day. Work as often as possible. This only leads to frustration.  Lack of instant results does not mean you aren’t growing.

Spiritual practice requires skill. Deepening your ability needs dedication, and patience. If you make sincere effort over a period of time, you will grow. 

People also experience frustration when praying for something. They think the Universe is Costco. Simply connect, make a request, and trade spiritual effort for whatever you want. It doesn’t work that way.  Your effort will bring you what you need. What you want is another story. We’ll talk more about that next week.

Do you agree that spiritual growth this a matter of patience and perseverance? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Honouring Versus Acting On Our Emotions

Learning when to act on our emotions is an important way to develop character.  It demands maturity. It is important for us to be in touch with our feelings. But, we get ourselves into trouble when we indulge them. 

There are many times when expressing ourselves openly, and honestly, is necessary. But, when our “in the moment” feelings could lead to conflict it’s time to pull back. It is best not to act on a negative emotion until we’ve had a chance to calm down. That way we can make a rational decision regarding what to do.

It is equally important to express balanced, positive, emotions. Putting positive vibes out into the world makes it better for everyone.

Sometimes we need to think about where a positive emotion is coming from. Even a surge of happiness can be problematic. This is particularly true when we meet a new, attractive, person. Even though our feelings might be positive, they are not ready to be expressed.

The excitement of meeting someone puts us into endorphin overdrive. These feel good hormones are there to help us forge bonds with other people. But, we can’t take them too seriously. The powerful rush of feelings should be allowed to subside. Given some time they will balance out. Then we can figure out how we actually feel. 

Friendships also go through the honeymoon period.When the initial emotions subside, powerful negative emotions can replace them. The negativity brings the balance we need. If we stay calm, and take our time, we’ll get to the end of the process. Then, we’ll create a stable, long-lasting relationship. 

Honour your feelings.  Take action when you are rational enough to respond appropriately. Look to the long term. Then all your relationships will be built on positive foundations. 

Do you agree that it is important to keep our feelings in check sometimes? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Our Partner's Stuff

When is it time to call our partner’s out on their stuff? It is  important to be sensitive to our partner’s feelings. When their old stories are operating it can be difficult. Eventually you have to expect people to be responsible for their history. 

One of the most difficult challenges in a relationship is dealing with flirtation. For the person flirting it is never a big deal. For their partner it can be hurtful. Does that mean we should never flirt?

Recently my flirting was taken  as a direct threat to my relationship. It forced me to take a hard look at myself, and at my husband’s sensitivity.

I had no intention of taking it any further . But, based on his past experience, my partner felt it was a problem.

I’ve realized that I need to be less exuberant when connecting with new people. I could have handled the situation more delicately. Now that I know the impact, I can take responsibility for my actions. 

My husband had a very painful breakup in his past. He gets upset whenever I flirt. He has difficulty leaving the old story behind to see that our situation is different.

I feel great compassion for him. I also know that it is  important for me not to take on his issues. Moving into a more healthy relationship requires us both  to deal with our own baggage. We can’t resolve other people’s challenges for them. We can support them and perhaps help them. But, the journey to healing their life is theirs alone.

I gave him some space to sort through things. We will see our relationship coach when we’re both ready. An outside perspective will help us get back on track as individuals, and as a couple. 

Our relationship will continue to thrive, and grow. The more we use this situation as an opportunity to heal ourselves, the more powerful our bond will become. 

When is it time to shield your partner, and when is it time to help them face their issues, and grow? I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Connect with Brian

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Friendship and Attraction

How do you handle a strong attraction to someone you’d like to start a friendship with?

 I recently met someone through very close friends of mine. I had a particularly intense connection with him. There was powerful, physical, chemistry.

Our conversation got intensely personal almost immediately. I don’t normally feel at ease with new people so quickly. I realized as we spent some time together that I really like him. I was excited about the possibility of a new friend.

In the past I would have chosen not to connect with him. I used to think that our attraction could only lead to issues. I believed that being attracted to a friend would threaten my marriage.

This experience challenged my thoughts about it. Good character demands that we honour our agreements. My husband and I are exclusive to one another sexually, and romantically. We chose that at the beginning of our relationship. We want things to stay that way.

It is also important to be open to the many opportunities that present themselves in our lives. It is critical to judge every opportunity for the long-term benefit it provides. When an opportunity carries challenge it most often brings significant growth.

I have decided to let the friendship grow naturally, while I keep my eyes open. Pretending that the attraction doesn’t exist could create even bigger issues. Only time will tell if we will develop a close connection. 

My new friend, and I, will have to explore one another with appropriate  boundaries. There may be times when that is easier said than done. The only way to move forward is to be completely honest with him about my attraction. I also need to clearly explain the boundaries of my primary relationship. That way we can relate in a  respectful way.
I hope by acting in an open, loving, way we can build a solid friendship. One that will benefit everyone in my circle, including my husband.

Do you believe that it’s important not to allow physical attraction to prevent you from pursuing a platonic friendship? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Taking a sabbatical

Hi Everyone,

  I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their readership, and support.  I'm going to take a break from the blog for the next few months to allow me some time to concentrate on a couple of other creative opportunities that have come knocking. I'll be back in September.

Warm Regards,


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Odu - Okanran - Going Deep

Okanran is the feminine side of Obara’s absolute masculine. It is the essence of the priestess. The eighth energy nurtures depth. It allows evolution to move vertically.

Okanran is a priest sign. It is the feminine aspect of priest energy. It points to important skills that all priests, including men, need to develop. Okanran is about negotiation rather than force. It is about nurturing rather than boldness. It is about going deep rather than expanding outward.

From an evolutionary perspective Okanran allows the seeds that Obara planted to develop. It nurtures creatures to their greatest potential. It encourages relationship and mutual support. 

Okanran is still about what’s next. It helps us to look inside and consider our personal next steps. When we look out it encourages us to consider how we can nurture the growth of the whole. It helps what has been created to evolve.

Many of us have been conditioned to think of feminine as weak. Okanran is just as powerful as Obara. It focuses that power differently. Without this energy the seed would never sprout. The vast potential of creation could never be realized. Obara and Okanran are equal partners in moving the Universe forward.

Okanran points to the stillness deep inside us. It asks us to bring out the more nurturing aspects of ourselves. It creates compassion. It prepares us for deep spiritual insight. It balances Obara’s passion with sweetness.

These priest energies are our path. It is thorough deepening into both stillness and action that we empower ourselves. Free from ego, we can express our highest potential in the world. 

Each of these energies will become dominant at different times in our lives.  For some they are part of a Life Path providing deep spiritual yearning. For most people periods of reaching out for new experience are followed by times of integration.

Can you see how it is important to use the deepening of Okanran to balance Obara? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Odu - Obara - Pushing Outward

Irosun, and Owanrin, provide structure to the expanding Universe. Obara, the seventh energy, pushes the agenda forward with drive and passion.

Obara is the first wisdom sign. It represents the Ifa priest, in divination. In the creative process Obara is forceful expansion. It compels the creative process to express the values introduced by Irosun. It provides breadth. 

Obara drives horizontal expansion. It supports new creations. It allows the Universe to become more complex and conscious. It is an energy that is continually, and forcefully, moving outward towards what’s new. 

In its quest forward Obara takes no prisoners. Anything that cannot flow with its passionate movement is left behind. Obara plants the seeds that provide novelty. It is the energy of initiation. 

Unlike the wild explosion of Ogbe, Obara has a plan. It screams “Get going!”. It lights a fire under the collective butts of creation to continue what was started at the big bang. 

From our perspective Obara is spiritual drive. It is human. Together with its pair Okanran it describes our potential to evolve. Obara is the absolute masculine. Okanran is the absolute feminine. Together they point to our ability to unite with source. They lead us to enlightenment.

Obara is evolution in action. It is about humans going out into the world as evolved beings. As we move out, we inspire others to do the same. As we push forward we bring our circle with us. 

Obara demands courage. “Slay the dragon of your egos”, it says. Keep moving towards undiscovered potential. Push towards the ultimate unity.

Obara is bold. It doesn’t question the powerful flow of the Universe. It pushes forward at its leading edge. As spiritual people it allows us to be the trailblazers along the road to what’s next.

Can you feel the powerful force of Obara pushing you into your future? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

Connect with Brian

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Odu - Owanrin - Controlling the Process

The creative process has never been a straightforward, orderly, affair. The Universe started with a violent explosion. As it expands outward, blockages, issues, catastrophes, create delays, and outright start-overs.

Owanrin, the sixth energy, is about the infinite patience that the Universe creates with.  It calls us to stay steady so that growth can occur. It is even more important when obstacles stand in our way.

While Irosun provided us with direction and values, Owanrin is the formula for growth. Being caught up in the ecstasy of the creative impulse doesn't naturally foster patience, nor caution. In fact, we can become so excited by the expansion forward that we recklessly run towards what’s next.

Ownarin brings the patience, and maturity, that we need in oder to move with the process. Embracing the ebb and flow of our growth. Using periods of slower movement to build strength. Growing understanding. Exploring where you are right now can be a valuable way to look at setting up the future. Pressures and difficulties are all there to teach us something. Learning from overcoming them is what sets us in the next positive direction. If we race forward too quickly, we may take a path that pushes us out of alignment. Owanrin cautions us to patience and perseverance. 

Owanrin also promises that forward movement will begin again. It provides hope. Growth and movement are inevitable. If we are able to keep the inexhaustible nature of the creative process in mind we can stay the course in difficult times. This can bring great rewards.. Alignment brings the full power of that force into our lives. It will push us forward. When we are ready. Towards the best possible future. If there’s a better possibility, why not wait?

Owanrin is a limiting force. It protects the values of the Universe. It ensures that the initial trajectory is preserved. It prevents things from moving forward too quickly. 

Can you see how the Universe limits your growth to make it more powerful? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Odu - Irosun - Focusing Forward

God creates a joyously expanding Universe with attention focused forward. The entire process reaches to what’s next. Choices are made based on the values inherent in the system. 

Irosun, the fifth energy, is about long-term orientation and the values of the creative process. Oludumare is more interested in emergence than what already exists. Irosun encourages us to focus forward so we can discover our potential. This is best accomplished when we free ourselves from the concerns of our ego.

What values does the Universe reflect in its expansion? The trajectory of evolution shows us. It favours complexity. Creation has become more complex with each step from the first atoms to intelligent, self-reflective life. This process allows completely new forms to emerge.

As far as we know, human beings are the most complex organisms in the Universe. We  have become self aware. We have begun to take the role of the Creator ourselves. For good, or bad, we have a profound impact on our world. 

The Universe is benevolent, but, it has a far longer perspective on life than we do. If we self-destruct it will only be a set back, Oludumare has nothing but time with which to create. We are not the last intelligent life that will be created. We are likely not the first that was either.

The Universe will continue to expand outward. Other self-aware creatures are inevitable. We arrogantly believe that our evolution is done. Even we, will develop new capacities, become something that we might not even recognize. The process has just begun.

We align with the cosmic process through our destinies. We have no set route to achieve them. Only the general direction and Universal values to guide us. The development of wisdom can take many paths. 

The Universe does not know where it is going next. There is joy and excitement in novelty. If we get caught up in joy as we move forward. We join in the mystery.

Can you see how the direction, and values, of the creative process guide us towards our own development? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Idi - Flowing Out with Joy

The deep, introspective, energy of iwori is followed by an outflow of joy. The name of the fourth energy is Idi. Idi is all about movement, curiosity, and exploration. It is the result of Olodumare asking “What am I?”

Thought leads the Universe on a quest for the answer. It is a search for the essence of the self. In this case the largest possible Self. 

Idi describes both the process, and attitude, that are essential to understanding this expansion. The process is one of curiosity and exploration. The desire to know its nature leads the Universe to expand outward and explore the possibilities. What could be, what can be created. It is all done with an attitude Joy. The process of creation, and discovery, is ecstatic. 

In a rush of benevolent energy Olodumare expands outward. Creations become more and more complex. Things become deeper, and more satisfying, to Source at each step. Underneath the entire process is a profound joy that underlies all life.  The unbridled excitement with which God creates points us all in the direction of our own exploration.

As we find the stillness within us. As we start to ask the important questions. We connect with profound joy. The result are spontaneous experiences referred to as lightness of being. We see these  in masters from every tradition. The more we can connect with, and stabilize in, the experience of oneness with all that is, the more that we can unite with the actual process. Deep in thought and grounded in joy. 

As we experience it, joy shines out from us into the world bringing inspiration to everyone it touches. It drives us forward the same way that it directs the Universe itself. A deep curiosity about what is possible for us, what we can do to explore all our potential. Joyfully, endlessly , asking what’s next?

Can you feel the surge of positivity, and curiosity, that underlies existence? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Odu - Iwori - From Thought to Reality

The Universe emerges from the primordial soup of Ogbe. What underlies that process? The third energy, Iwori. This energy it is about introspection, and thoughtful decision making, when we use it in divination. It is essentially about thinking. It represents the idea that leads to reality.

This is Olodumare creating, not a New Age fantasy about thinking something into existence. 

Iwori is the energy of the idea. When set into motion it formed the structure underlying the physical Universe. The Universe ends up being created through God’s deep desire to explore. When Source asks, “What am I?”, evolution is driven forward.

This is Universal introspection. The Universe wants to reflect upon itself. In order to do that its creations must evolve to the point where they can discover it though their own inner journeys. They must be able to reach back to the beginning, to rest in peaceful contemplation. Those self-reflective creations are us. 

The big questions drive us inward. We may start with the same question God did. “What am I?” Perhaps we ask;  “Why am I here?”;  or “What is the meaning of life?”. All these questions push us inwards. We move away from our outer reality, and personality, to a deeper truth. Eventually we start to have glimpses of the stillness of eternity. That is our true nature. With focus, and hard work, we can stabilize within this dimension and achieve radical freedom. Iwori is the energy that points the way. It drives us relentlessly inward.

Once we have shifted our locus to the most evolved Self, the deep introspection continues with different results. The searching and questioning, freed from the shackles of the outer personality, begin to create. New ideas arise. Unique potentials start to surface. Once we are freed from ego, Iwori aligns us with the drive of the Evolutionary Impulse. 

Our movement outward is powered by Iwori’s partner Idi which we will explore in my next post.

For now, can you see how deep introspection can lead us back before the beginning of our Universe? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Oyeku - Into the Darkness

Creation implies duality. The heat and light of Ogbe, twin with the dark silent world of the ancestors. It is called Oyeku. Ogbe reflects the forward movement of the Evolutionary Impulse. Oyeku reflects the deep stillness of the Ground of Being. This aspect of infinity is the path to enlightenment.

Oyeku is dark, still, cool. It is absolutely silent. In Ifa we say that it is the place where our ancestors reside. It is just on this side infinity. Oyeku is place of rest, where our spirits exist as pure energy. No limitations exist there.  

There is still a connection to physical reality. The ancestors are interested in us. Just as Ogbe pulls us forward, Oyeku pulls us back. Our ancestors take us deeper.  They compel us to reach into the stillness, and discover it. Eventually we can unite with Olodumare, at rest.

I work with my Guardian Ancestor to delve into the stillness, and reach for enlightenment. This is the true nature of Oyeku. A path to the peace before the beginning.  Reaching for enlightenment is an important reason to build our relationship with the ancestral realm. The Guardian Ancestor is a particularly important part of this work.

In the ancient Yoruba stories there was a time when we could pass back, and forth, between the realms. We existed in a state closer to our ancestral energy. We need to forge a new type of relationship with the ancestors. One that will allow us to follow the connection back to unity with Spirit. This is the path of evolution in Ifa. 

By aligning with Oyeku, in this powerful way, our true Selves are freed. Our outer selves take their rightful place, in the back seat.  We can align our actions with Ogbe. We can reach into the future. Integrating ourselves with the dance of these two primal forces is our path to freedom. Oyeku and Ogbe form the practice, and goal, of Ifa mysticism.

Can you se how these potent forces are the path to our continued growth and evolution? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ogbe - The First Energy - Then There was Light

Suddenly the perfect stillness is rocked by an explosion of light. Some call this moment the “big bang”. In Ifa, it is Ogbe the first energy. It is the blast of spiritual light that starts creation.

The creative process is never a calm affair. Creation is spontaneous. It is violent. It rocks the foundations of our consciousness, or even those of the Universe itself. The heat and light of the creative process bring a powerful intensity to Ogbe. It’s light is blinding. It’s Spirit changes everything. Ogbe is the energy of God creating. 

This powerful energy carries infinite potential. Everything in the physical Universe comes from it. Behind this energy, perhaps beneath it, is the Absolute. Ogbe is infinite movement. It is the energy and intelligence that created the Universe, and is creating the Universe. 

The process is guided. There is a preference for growth. The Universe is becoming more complex. Hydrogen was created in the initial explosion. It was left alone for almost 14 billion years. Eventually it became us. We are the leading edge of the process. Olodumare’s presence is everywhere. It is the process itself. 

Every new idea, every leap forward in consciousness, every new species, is a result of the first energy expressing itself.

Ogbe was responsible for simple life coming from matter. It then led to the development of complex life. It gave rise to intelligence, self-awareness, and culture. It has allowed conscious beings to reflect on the stillness it came from. It allows us to reach towards Olodumare. Ogbe is evolution rolling into an infinite future. Ifa, at its core, is evolutionary.

Ogbe calls us to the future. It asks us to align with the creative process itself. As we become more conscious, we become active participants in the process. We bring our uniqueness to the table. Our ability to connect with the deepest source gives us the responsibility to become active participants in the evolution of the Universe.

Can you see how you are a reflection of the creative impulse? Can you feel the pull to join in the process? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Odu

Happy New Year everyone! All the best for 2014.

The Odu are the energetic building blocks of the Universe. They are also the energies we work with in Ifa divination. In this series we’ll explore the 16 primary energies.

The Odu are represented with a series of single and double strokes, or open circles and lines. As long as 8,000 years ago, the Yoruba people of western Africa were working with a binary number system. The system is similar to what we use for digital media.

We can look at Universe is an infinite, organic, computer. Olodumare, or God,  is its  creator and power source.

The Odu combine with each other creating the 256 energies used to create the Universe. We believe that everything that is, was, or ever will be, is manifested by these energies. Even the Orisa were born out of the Odu. It is possible to develop relationships with them.

In this series I’ll describe the essence of the sixteen primary Odu. We’ll look at them as building blocks of reality. You’ll see how the essence of each leads to its use in divination.

Olodumare existed before creation, at rest for infinite aeons. When we describe creation we use temporal language. We understand it as an event that happened at some point before now. The truth is, that God exists beyond time and space.  Olodumare is everywhere, and nowhere. God is completely empty, and perfectly full. The creative force is beyond all opposites. It cannot be described. The closest we can come is to imagine perfect peace, quiet, and stillness. 

When you have a moment, get as still as you can. See if you can drop below your thoughts, emotions, and sensations. Find the perfect stillness that is Olodumare as you. Were you able to taste a bit of infinity doing this short exercise? I’d love to hear why, or why not.

In my next post we’ll look at the moment of creation. I’ll explore the first energy. 

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